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Monday, March 11, 2013
Spring Forward! @ 11:44 AM

Spring has sprung! It's time to ditch that drab winter wardrobe and spring into some fun, fresh looks.

White skinny jeans: A huge staple this spring, white skinny jeans are just the head-turning piece to bring your wardrobe into the new season. Pair with espadrilles, or some fun, colorful shoes like these fun orange loafers I picked up while shopping yesterday:

Michael Kors Suede Leather Driving Loafers in Orange

Mint Jeans (mint everything!!):

Green is obviously huge for Spring, we’re seeing it everywhere and in lots of shades. One shade that’s especially hot this Spring is Mint.First and foremost, your heels must be FIERCE. Black, nude, or glittered, rock your best footwear with these jeans. Pointy-toe heels are back ladies, so go find that pair that’s in the back of your closet and pull them out. Also, Black or white on top always works. A white blazer  can make this look sizzle!

Stay tuned for more looks :)

Friday, July 8, 2011
Do It Yourself: Feather Shoulder Pads! @ 1:42 PM

Make this super cute t-shirt – No sewing skills required!

I stumbled upon this Do-It-Yourself project to add Feathered Shoulder pads to any T-Shirt and I thought it was super cute!

Considering that feathers are so in right now and have been for the past year. Click on the pic to check out the DIY project!

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